What Do You Want to Be?

Friday, March 16. 2007

This isn't a "What do you want to do when you grow up" question, because you have the power, the ability to do what you want now and today! Or, at least that's the spin that the wonderful folks over at "Creating Passionate Users" are saying. Boy, they really do have a wonderful sense for writing to inspire! Their articles are longer than most blogs, and they create new entries with a dedicated fervor, but the content is almost always interesting and thought provoking!

So, what do you want to be?
Now that I'm thinking about it, and reading this (rather old) entry from "Creating Passionate Users", I think I'll read through 37 Signals, "Getting Real" book tomorrow -- or at least some of it. It's 177 pages long, and I paid for the PDF version long before they decided to release it freely in HTML form (so, ironically, my version might not be as up-to-date as the free version). I had intentions of reading it then, and I still do now. No time like the present (I hope)!

37 Signals' Book


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    #1 Dan Grossman on 03/19/07 at 06:44 PM [Reply]
    I printed out the 37 Signals book on a laser printer when I was a software developer for DuPont. There wasn't a whole lot to work on that day, so I spent most of the morning reading it at my desk.

    Nothing revolutionary there, but an easy read, and it got me "in the mood" enough to finish W3Counter (the current version) when I had been dragging my feet on the final touches.
    #1.1 Brendon Kozlowski on 03/19/07 at 07:41 PM [Reply]
    That's the good thing about reading certain things you already know about, or going to conferences about topics you've already studied...hearing people profess how wonderful they are can really add to one's inspiration and desire to continue the pursuit onward. The nice thing about 37 Signals' book is that it tells you to do one thing, make it simple, and do it well (I think, I ended up playing with SVN instead of reading this book...again). It helps to keep you focused on streamlining whatever you're working on until it's done, and not to get sidetracked by unnecessary additions during the project (no scope creep!).

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